Wonder Valley Arts

Scott Monteith

Copyright ©2014 Scott Monteith, Past Present, WaterColor, 24x24
Copyright ©2004 Scott Monteith, Past Present, Watercolor, 24" x 24"Homestead cabin located west of the 29 Palms Airport in Wonder Valley on Hwy 62

Scott Monteith is an artist whose works focus on the environments in the Joshua Tree National Park Gateway Communities. He holds a BFA in painting and printmaking. Monteith has also created work in a variety of mediums, ranging from metal to glass. He is best known for his vibrant and iconic paintings of desert wildlife and watercolor landscapes of the desert Southwest. Works currently on display depict wildlife and imagery of Joshua Tree National Park where Monteith operated and curated for numerous galleries as well as art institutions. His award-winning paintings and portraits have been exhibited throughout the US and are included in many public and private collections. Monteith's work has been included in numerous magazines and publications including the New York Times, The American Free Journal and Journey, a collection of poetry and short stories. He has worked on projects that have appeared at Art Basel in Miami Beach, Burning Man in Nevada and the Whitney Museum in New York.

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